New Videos From: They Came From The Stars, I Saw Them / 586 / Popular Workshop

New videos from 3 of SWTNME’s favorite bands, accompanied by exclusive reviews of the singles (meant for GIITTV, but taking an age to get there):

They Came From The Stars, I Saw Them – (It’s Always) Boomtime, Part One

This is super! Giddy synthesizers, silly lyrics, funny noises: all the usual things to expect from ‘They Came From The Stars…’. You’d be pretty daft to think something cobbled together by their wobbly hands might be a disappointment, so all I can do really is reassure you of your impeccable taste. If you have an ounce of fun or insanity within your bones then there’s no way you can’t feel charmed by this superb piece of music. As a final bonus, there’s another chance to hear their underground classic ‘The Unstoppable Kite’ on the flip of the 7″ release. Out 15/10/07

586 – Rags and Tags

586 are effortlessly one of the best underground bands in London right now, in my opinion rightfully destined for some credible form of super stardom. New single ‘Rags and Tags’ does nothing more than firmly cement this belief in my cerebrum. Imagine The Specials dancing the polka with Cardiacs at a Broadway style musical played in a 1979 East Village New York theatre and you’re not far off imagining what fantastic delights this track will bring to your ears. Watch them closely. Out 08/10/07

Popular Workshop – William, It Was Really Something / Radical

On side A of PopShop’s new double single ‘William, It Was Really Something’, we are treated to something a little more subtle than their previous efforts. Whilst the almost mathematical angular riffs and rhythms that make their usual work so unique and enjoyable has been done away with, the track is no less genius than anything else they’ve created before it. Stripped of the standard aggression, we are left with a heart warming ode to another band held in high regard amongst South East London scenesters, William, of course. You’ll be happy to know that AA side radical is a return to form and then some, with nasty dissonant guitars and catchy melodies sharing the same aural space once again. Out 22/10/07

Listen to They Came From The Stars, I Saw Them here.

Listen To 586 here.

Listen to Popular Workshop here.


~ by Sleeping With The NME on October 10, 2007.

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